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What is the ICONNECT voucher scheme?

The ICONNECT voucher scheme will provide community groups organisations with annual funding support towards transport costs for eligible groups working with older people in the Craigavon and Banbridge council areas.

All trips must be completed by the 31/10/2015 along with any forms (including feed-back).

The ICONNECT voucher scheme provides subsidised transport for community groups/voluntary organisations that are non profit making, with the majority of their members being classified as older people over 60 deemed to be at risk.

(1.2) Scheme area

The scheme applies to groups whose base is within the Craigavon and Banbridge council areas.

(1.3) Applying for project support through a transport vouchers

Applications will be invited from eligible community groups/voluntary organisations. Successful applicants will be issued with a transport voucher to assist with the transportation of older persons to an activity centre or for a number of outings during the funding period November 1st 2014-to 31st November 2015.

  • are aimed towards services for older persons over 60 deemed to be ‘at risk’
  • are non profit making

N.B: the applying organisations need not be constituted, however, for application scoring purposes it will be of benefit to the group if they have completed this formal process.


1.Vouchers will be approved by a panel of community representatives from the DART partnership. Please see complaints procedures below if you wish to appeal DART’s decision.

2.Vouchers will be issued during three project rounds and will have an expiry date. Any unused vouchers should be returned promptly to DART partnership after the expiry date. The expiry date shall be 31st October 2015.

3.All travel arrangements will be made between the community group/voluntary organisation and DART.

4.Please note a £30 membership fee is automatically deducted from the voucher, this membership lasts for one year and entitles the receiving organization to continue using DART services, at regular costs after the ICONNECT project ceases.

5.In the event of a group arranging a trip and subsequently not travelling, any associated costs levied by DART will be the sole responsibility of the group/organisation unless the group/organisation contacts DART at least 48 hours in advance of the date of the trip if a cancellation is appropriate.

6.It must be remembered that vouchers can only be used to subsidise transport costs provided through the DART Partnership utilizing DART vehicles and personnel and only where the trip/s has actually taken place.

7.Any damage caused by a member(s) of a group subsidised by the voucher scheme will be the sole responsibility of the member or the group and is a matter between DART and the individual or group concerned.

8.Any anti-social behaviour or any other misbehaviour is a matter for DART and the group/member(s) concerned.

9.A copy of terms & conditions will be provided to each community group/voluntary organisation as part of an ‘information pack’ and sent out with each application form requested.

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