‘Don’t Mention the War’


Why are your valuable services like Dial-A-Lift, Disability Action Transport Service or even community transport not mentioned once in the DRD’s Accessible Transport Strategy 2025 consultation document?


DART is asking the same question through our consultation response, available here – along with our colleagues in the Community Transport Netork NI.

DART Response to Accessible Transport Strategy 2025 Consultation Document

However, we need our member groups and individual users to also respond to this critical consultation which could affect how your future community transport services are delivered.
Please join our national campaign which is voicing real concerns about the consulatation process and outcomes by responding to the consultation before the deadline of the 20/11/2015.
Contact us at DART for further information or help with your response.
Your completed responses shoudl be sent to DRD(NI)  via:
 Email –
Write to –
Accessible Transport Strategy 2025 Consultation,
Sustainable Transport Branch,
3rd Floor Clarence Court,
10 – 18 Adelaide Street,
Belfast, BT2 8GB


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