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Regardless of age, after many years of driving we can all develop some poor driving habits and benefit from brushing up on our driving skills.Our Drive Rite 60+ Older Drivers refresher course is specifically tailored for the more experienced driver and focuses on helping you to remain behind the wheel safely and for as long as possible.

This enjoyable and confidential appraisal of your driving skill includes both a theory and practical assessment in your own vehicle and is accredited by ROSPA. The training can be completely tailored to your needs or your concern and you will be guaranteed a minimum of three hours learning and assessment time with a MIDAS qualified driving assessor.

You will learn how you can manage and accommodate common age-related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time. In addition you will learn about hazard perception, defensive driving, effects of medication on driving and effective ways to regulate your own driving and monitor your driving skills and capabilities.

Following the practical drive, each driver is given a comprehensive and confidential debrief, where any concerns or remedial actions can be discussed. As an older driver, if you have concerns about your driving please contact us now for peace of mind.